Investment Criteria Pic
Founded in the entrepreneurial spirit, Arx Capital Group is aware that the best real estate product is available through a select group of real estate and investment brokers in our geographic markets. Therefore, we consider these brokers to be among our most important clients.

Arx Capital Group will:

  • Protect registered brokers for up to 6 months from submission
  • Pay finder’s fees if necessary
  • Respond promptly to all submissions
  • Provide incentives to brokers presenting compelling opportunities (ask about our Broker Incentives)
  • Offer confidentiality and respect to all brokers making submissions

If you are a real estate or investment broker and would like to make future submissions to Arx Capital Group for investment consideration, please submit your contact information ( or give us a call (310-709-2050).  Even if you have no current opportunities to present us at the moment, we always encourage opening up the lines of communication and establishing long-lasting relationships and friendships with those we work with.