Safeguarding Capital Assets, One Investment at a Time


Arx Capital Group is a principal real estate investment and consulting firm. As a principal investor and an investment manager, Arx provides capital allocation, asset acquisition, and capital management services. As a real estate operator, Arx provides asset management, finance and accounting services. Through the sponsorship of its highly capitalized real estate investment funds, Arx seeks attractive, risk-adjusted returns on behalf of itself and qualified investors. Arx investment activities focus on operationally intensive forms of real estate and capital intensive entrepreneurial opportunities, with the majority of the firm's activities devoted to assets in the multifamily housing, office and retail sectors.

Arx Capital Group also provides sophisticated real estate investment consulting and advisory services that are second to none. As a real estate investment advisor, Arx has the experience and knowledge to provide consulting services that leave our clients feeling secure that they are making the right investment decisions. Whether we are dealing with institutional investors, private or public equity funds, or high net-worth individuals, Arx is dedicated to catering to the needs of each client at every level.